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Learn more about why nonprofits need Directors' & Officers' Liability coverage.

Learn about the Volunteer Protection Act and why you still need Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance.

Who Sues Nonprofits and Nonprofit Boards and Why? - One of the myths associated with nonprofit D&O exposures is that there are few sources of claims since nonprofits don't have shareholders. Nonprofits serve large and varied constituencies to which their boards owe specific fiduciary duties similar to duties owed by corporate boards. These constituencies are potential plaintiffs in legal actions brought against nonprofit boards.

What Jurors Conclude About Documentation - A recent article from the Maryland Employment Law Letter provides some interesting food for thought for nonprofit employers. The article outlines three unwritten assumptions jurors make about documentation presented to them during trials.

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  • Read how an Aon partner, Insight Worldwide, has utilized their pre-employment assessment test for a Senior Living organization - helping them reduce employee turnover and save over $166,000 in the first year. Click to read the case study.




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