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Larry Minnix

Behind every statistic, there is an even more powerful story. A story that transforms a number into a name and a fact into a face. A story that encapsulates the heart and soul of the work you do every day.
Larry Minnix
LeadingAge President & CEO

We are all individuals by nature. But there are underlying commonalities you'd be surprised that exist in the way that we achieve our missions in life and business. For instance, David Gehm was hoping to reduce his cost for insuring his facilities. Ted W. Goins, Jr. was looking for a way to broaden his risk management efforts to better address the safety of his residents, as well as, his staff. Find out if you're just like David by reading who they are and what they've successfully accomplished. Then, tell us your story *. Your peers want to know who you are and how you're making it happen in today's aging services industry.

 Larry Minnix

David Gehm, President & CEO
Lutheran Homes of Michigan, Inc.
Monroe, MI

 Larry Minnix

Keith Chadwick, President & CEO
United Methodist Homes

 Larry Minnix

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